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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Toxic Families and Toxic Systems, Some Clarity

Toxic families, toxic work, emotional abuse
A brief aside:
On this blog and in my life I work hard to use deliberate language. I do this for several reasons.
One of those reasons is that he used words so ambiguously and in such a manipulative manner that it became necessary for me to get very clear, honest, and careful about language. I recognize that most people aren't quite as cautious with language as I am.


I often refer to the toxic system.
This is not intended to be vague at all. 

It is intended to include all of those various systems out there that are unhealthy. Friendships, systems of employment, marriages, families, neighbors, religion-focused groups, online groups, ANY system of unhealthy patterns and people can become abusive and toxic


  1. Thank you for the effort you put on this project for so long time. It is helpful to discover that others have the same impression about parents as I do. It makes me fell less crazy :)

    1. I recently discovered an online group on Facebook full of people who are all, in some way, recovering from toxic parenting. If you are on Facebook and are interested in joining that group it would be my pleasure to add you.

      The people on the group are very safe and supportive. No one ever questions the validity of claims and stories told by people in the group; it's very refreshing.

      Very nice hearing from you HB. :)