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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Authentically ME

healing from emotional abuse

It was my goal, while in therapy, to reveal and to nourish that which was pure and true.
I knew that I had to face the truth, live the truth, know the truth, and always be authentically me. No embellishments, no minimizing, no dramatizing, no hiding, no compartmentalizing, no misrepresentation at all.

For it is only in reality that the self can heal.  

Are we talking about the inner child? Self-actualizing? The wounded self? Journeying to self? Call it whatever makes sense to you; just call it, nurture it, protect it, watch it rebloom.

Some people find a part of their healing in yoga, guided imagery, group therapy, hypnosis...  There are all manner of well-meaning and healing pathways out there. Each one has a kernel of truth and you are always free to explore what speaks to, you just as you are free to switch and to explore other options.

For my part, I strongly feel the need to keep it simple. Good books, journaling, supportive friends, time for activities that feed me, and good therapy. These are things that make sense to me. 

Antidepressants can have a place in good self care. Though I strongly urge people who are recovering from any emotional pain or abuse to avoid any other types of chemicals unless your doctor or psychiatrist suggests otherwise. No alcohol, no pot, no other drugs other than those prescribed by a doctor. ( except for medications for illness! ) 

Many people who have lived with a person who emotionally abuses find that they have a difficult time identifying the abuse. The emotional abuse may feel normal to you. You may even have difficulty putting your finger on just what is going on. In our next few blog posts let's look at the patterns that are so insidious that they feel commonplace. Toxic people can be incredibly artful and subtle and seductive.

It's about clarity, control, and good mental health.
As always, do what makes sense to you and keep yourself safe.


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