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Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Key to the Cage: Knowledge

emotional abuse and recovery

I'm sorry!
I misunderstood!
You are right.
I didn't know what I was doing.

They expect you to collect all of the blame and pain and to keep quiet with it. 
They expect you to put it into your rucksack and carry it with you.
They expect you to claim the crazy.

When you are immersed in a toxic system or with a toxic person, you can count on a few things:
  1. The person or system will never, ever accept responsibility unless to do so manipulates you to stay.
  2. If it is possible to confuse you more with lies, misdirection, or projection they will do it.
  3. They count on you accepting the confusion.
  4. Their long-held beliefs make clear thought very difficult.
If you are looking for the one secret to recovery it is this:  knowledge. Inform yourself. Know the facts. Research. Read. Discuss. Learn the options. Never be fooled by unconvincing stories.

Every time you know the facts over the claims you regain a part of yourself. Every time you recognize the falsehood and the deceit you strengthen yourself. Every single time you trust your own memory, instincts, and senses you make it harder for someone else to confuse you and to ensnare you in their psychological traps.

If something is quietly causing you to question, welcome that. Embrace it.

Breath and know that you know reality.
Quietly recognize that you have clearer eyes.
Protectively celebrate this quiet success.

No need to confront anyone. No need to convince anyone. There is absolutely no need to let everyone know that you are one step closer to health, freedom, and reclaiming yourself.

For now it is good enough that you know it.

Just knowing that you have clearer eyes and mind puts you one step closer to good health.

As always, if you are in danger, find shelter immediately.