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Sunday, May 1, 2016

When People Say That Life is too Short: Forgive and Forget

no way
People love to give advice.
I'm sure they mean well...but let's face it, they don't know our situation, they don't get our situation, and they don't get to guilt or shame us about our decisions in this situation. 

Over the years I have had to put an end to relationships that most people couldn't even consider living without. The process I went through to find the courage and strength to end those relationships was very long and extremely arduous. Even to this day I struggle with missing those exiled people when I'm feeling down.

Most days it is extremely easy to remember why I made the decisions to end those relationships. Most of the time I am perfectly fine and there is not a single doubt in my mind that putting a period at the end of that sentence was absolutely a win.

But I have had something happen a few times that, perhaps, you have had to face too.

It is genuinely not about forgetting and forgiving. I have forgiven many things time and time again. I have forgiven the people for all of the pain they have given me and I have let go of any and all resentment. Truly.

And let's not kid ourselves, there is really no forgetting.

But this one annoying thing keeps happening.

I have these people who go on and on and on to me about how I should forgive my parents and let them back into my life. There is no convincing these folks that that choice is not going to happen. The option is not on the table. They just don't get it. 

I have ended those relationships deliberately, with a clear mind, with strength that I didn't know I could possess, for my own peace of mind and for the good health of my children. This choice is not up for debate.

I don't expect anyone else to understand.

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  1. I have found your pictures on Pinterest, by accident. Love what you write. It looks like it was written by me. I also have broken with my parents, with the purpose of saving me for not going crasy. Tks a lot for sharing. I have bookmarked you. Tks.