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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Making a Choice

Unless you are a child, there is usually an element of choice at some point...usually. This is super important to acknowledge, not for guilt and shame and blame reasons, but for personal empowerment reasons.

Not all toxic people mean to be cruel or toxic. They're not inherently bad. Some of them may mean well but their way of moving through the world is so painful to be around that we have to remove ourselves from their sphere of influence because their energy is negative, draining, toxic. They exhaust us.

We can love them from afar.
You have every right, indeed, the responsibility to yourself, to create a healthy place for yourself and that responsibility may require that you choose distance or even absence from these people.

And OH it can be oh so difficult to create that space in between. The need for space from some loved ones challenges everything we think we know and understand about being a kind and loving person. It also requires us to acknowledge that we are making a choice to live apart from people that we truly care for. We must do something that can feel quite foreign: take care of ourselves by making the difficult choices.

Let's do it.
Let's move forward with deliberate action to choose healthy things in our lives. Let's own our own choices.

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